Should i ? ...

by Sapphire_eyes posted Jun 23, 2020
Cyan-kun here ! I have a question for y'all if you don't mind ...

Should i draw characters in futurist outfits ? Since im almost done with alice in wonderland ! Heidi and Goddess ! Akasha along with the fact i have plans on outfits ( i also have a couple of pride and retro outfits too but im not sure if I'm allowed to post them ... )

I also have a outfit for Edward , Kain , Hermes and Denali !( spoiler , smol bun bun gorl gets to wear mum pants and cool bOots ) but maybe you guys to give me few ideas so i could probably to in the future - like a theme combined with characters while i look for songs that give me inspiration ! ( oh - the inspiration that gave me the ideas was ' pentatonix - ' Draft Punk ' , its a really good song )

uwu i love you all

( i also have an idea for the Ahoy ice cream sailor outfits from stranger things but im not sure who to put them on - )