Fight club balance

by papapou posted Nov 19, 2020
Hi Vs, there is a sad issu from awaking hunter.
Some of my friend ( free to play) are thinking seriously to retirer.
Veteran friend playing since 3years!!
Problem is Vincent have no good counter.
You should have awake Balian first to have a possible electric counter again ice Vincent.
Free to play will get Vincent in 4 years only, one good counter is Winblade but he have trouble to take care of awaken trancend 2 vincent .Full equip T3 windy with level 12 to 15 jewel have a hard time.
Many new player will just leave the game if they cant spend money.

Vincent need a good counter......many just hate fight club and are now casual player :(

Yess i know i have not post in support ,its to give opportuniity to some player to give their feed back about this issu.