[Fanart] Probably my last Fanart for this game (Retired player)

by Storm_Wager posted Jun 07, 2020

What up, probably no one remembers me (average player, sometimes post fanarts of this game to forums DONT LOOK UP MY OLD POSTS/FANART PLEASE).

It’s been two years since I left quietly, but I’ll give my overdue quit notice now.

I’ve been attracted to this game by its simple battle mechanics and cast of colorful characters with unique backstories and a grizzly bear.

Best part is probably the chat and the regulars who like to come and hang out.

If the old-timers are still here, tell em I said hi.

I quit for personal reasons and definitely not because robin got nerfed

Anyways, why this drawing? Well, it all started with the ad of the character so I figure Ill end it with this character too.

Have a good day!