a minor annoyance

by -アレス- posted Aug 06, 2022
It has come to my attention that someone has most graciously kicked everyone out of the guild i currently own (downfall). Why? I have no idea. Is it my fault? Supposedly. Wish I knew but alas, I am just as clueless as anyone else.
Anyways, to get to the point, if you were previously part of the aforementioned guild and would like to rejoin, I’d be happy to accept you. Whatever apparently happened between me and this particular player (which I still don’t know myself) should have nothing to do with anyone else, so as the guild leader, I sincerely apologize for any hardships caused by this incident.

Also, to said person in question:
1) Thats kinda rude man kicking everyone, wtf did they ever do to u
2) Idk why I get random hate here, I was sleeping and woke up to this minor headache of a situation

Anyways sorry for any inconvenience caused to my dear guild members, I did not quite foresee the actions of this particular player, this came as a relative shock to me as well.