FC/GW Plague

by Veroscis posted Apr 11, 2021
TL;DR: 4* Tanks and healers are OP (just git gud noob me)

For those that want a little more detail, continue reading. Over the last couple years, we've been introduced to a plethora of 4* hunters, All with pretty cool abilities to throw in the hunter pot. That said, some of those hunters, while cool, have also caused PvP to be extremely one sided to a specific type build and formation in FC/GW.

Late 2019 (or early 2020 i forget the exact date) I sent a suggestion over to VS about possibly extending the time on FC/GW and how it may help balance things given how things were. To my surprise, not too long after making that suggestion they increased the time in FC, (I'm assuming without a doubt a lot of you in the community also suggested this to them). That said, it helped a lot in regards to not running out of time while barely denting the opposition; still occasionally you run into a composition that is just for a lack of a better word I can think of, impossible. Especially in GW where it's 4v4. Most, if not all of these impossible walls consist of around the same build. The 2 most mandatory being Leon with Celine (and more recently Clara and or Lottery Mouse - which is just silly) as far as healing goes, followed by usually Anemone, and then add 1 or 2 of a high sustain/cc tank available (i.e. Harvey, Kamala, Lawrence) and you basically have an unwavering titanium steel wall.

"Sounds like they're doing what they're supposed to do 'tank' and you just need to get good," someone is likely to say, but my argument to that is this, if I play my cards right, our power matchup is fairly 1:1 (give or take a bit) and rock, paper, scissors is pretty straight forward (with a little bit of guess work), I should be able to come close to a victory in a defeat, am i wrong? Because as the case I provided to VS on my suggestion to them. it's not so much tanks doing their job, or healers doing their job; it's passive attributes that these characters have that essentially make most and yes i mean MOST damage based hunters seem like fluff. What passive attributes someone may wonder? Things like team wide passive healing (Leon), Extra CP regen (Celine), consistent self healing (Kamala) and the like, all while being able to stun/disarm opponents to not only waste time but to actually deal almost toe to toe damage as the opposing damage based hunter that also happens to be a counter element. it's so unreal how much passive sustain is available in certain matchups that even the sudden death bonus doesn't help; which if anything makes it worse for you. "Well have you considered deep wounds?" this debuff gets removed like nothing. Some of the characters I mentioned above clear all negative effects, whether from the tank themselves or the healer. you honest best bet is having at least 2000+ power over some of these compositions.

I'm sure this is partly why VC went a step back on their word about this awakening feature, as we now have Genovia even beefier against tank builds, but she honestly can only do so much before she has to be eventually healed or swapped out (or force swapped take your pick). that's all from me for now, flame away at how i need to git gud below, I've said my piece.