Something to imagine?

by Lythium posted Nov 23, 2021
It feels like a missed opportunity that there are so many hunters and only a couple are actually used. (Calibur is bae, but she’s kinda useless) Additionally, there’s not much content to do once you’ve reached high levels besides daily mirage, abyss and cruise, (2 of which are mainly dispatch) What if there was a game mode for challenges where you can use your less used characters? Maybe alongside a 4* hunter you don’t have to try them out? As a person who just recently got Blustone again since just after Lily and Lila were released, I don’t know who the best 4* hunters are and being able to try them out would be an excellent way to get players to have a goal to work toward.
Finally, what if the reward screen animations were removed so we could get our rewards instantly instead of having to wait? That would be nice.
I like this game and I can’t wait for season 2! I just used my 4* request on Themis so I can get caught up on story ahaha. Let me know what you think?
Thank you for reading my ramble, have a good day!