Best healer to get?

by Junju posted May 10, 2021
So, I'm gonna get a 4* selection request soon and I want to choose the best healer, I see that Wastefield and Celine are quite popular? In general I'm looking for a 4* healer that doesn't only heal, but can also also deal some damage with rage and if not, one that can give damage buffs. Also, I'm curious if there's a 4* healer that can heal the whole team? (I know Akasha can do that, however right now I'm curious if a 4* can)

I want Alia and Teresa cause waifus (obviously) but I'm not really sure how good they really are and if they fit what I'd like in a healer (in general I don't often happen to need healers, that's why I'd like one that can do damage or give an atk buff)

And last thing, I'd also like to know why is Celine so popular?