FC tickets in guild chat.

by BirdOfHermes posted Apr 15, 2022
Just something I thought of the other night. Guild mates should be able to send fight club tickets in guild chat. Either fuel or tickets. Since buying tickets only normally gives you two. One or two extra tickets a day would be very helpful and it's not that many. Most players above level 99 have done all the stages. We're mostly only using stages to level hunters, get team exp and rupees tickets.

Just a thought. Have a great day everyone!

Another thing I thought of is being able to set AI patterns since the current healer ai is broken and useless and it's not the first time the AI has been screwing us. Being able to pick skill usage would also help. Like getting a healer to heal when the frontline hunter is at a certain percentage like it's supposed to or when a bomber should or shouldn't use its skill. A fire bomber wasting rage on a water hunter. Or when your hunter has the elemental advantage and then using their rage.

In another game I play you can pick which skill you want your units to use over the others. So my characters tend to overkill in pvp just to make sure their dead.