New Building Idea, Alchemy!

by EffTwoPee posted Feb 11, 2021
I have an idea for a new building to be implemented into the game.
I call it the alchemy building. Basically it's a station where you can take your materials and shift and change them into what you need, for a price obviously.
The three types of alchemy would be: Synthesis, Deconstruction, and Conversion.
These functions would allow you to have slightly more control over how you direct your growth and where you place your priority when it comes to focusing on your hunters.

Synthesizing would mean taking lower tier materials such as Broken Shells and combining them to make Unscathed Shells. This would apply to Metron fragments, equipment upgrade materials, and even traces!

Deconstruction is the complete opposite of this mechanic. Where you would take an Invincible Shell for example, and deconstruct it into Unscathed Shells.

Conversion is slightly more complicated. The idea here is to take types of unwanted items and change them into something else. For example if I'm focusing on Defensive hunters I only want Unscathed Shells, so I can take Sharp Metal pieces or other equal tier upgrade items and convert them into what I need.

Obviously, I wouldn't want this to be TOO convenient, so you could impose a Rupee cost per Alchemic usage or maybe a daily limit to how many times you can change items. Below is my thoughts on the usages, costs, and scenarios that you could use this alchemy building. (Which by the way I would place between the Guild house and the Market building and it's little sign would be a transmutation circle :)

So here are my Alchemic Reactions. Change as necessary if you'd like.


Skill upgrade materials:
10 Tier One items to make a Tier 2
5 Tier Two items to make a Tier 3
For example: 10 Broken Shells to make a Unscathed Shell and 5 Unscathed Shells to make an Invincible Shell.
100 Rupees per Tier 1 -> Tier 2 Synthesis
1000 Rupees per Tier 2 -> Tier 3 Synthesis

100 Metron Fragments to make a Metron Crystal
1000 Rupees per Synthesis

10 Toolboxes to make 1 Advanced Toolbox
100 Rupees per Synthesis

Traces: (This can go in the Synthesis tab or Conversion tab tbh)
5 One star Traces to make 1 random Two star Trace
5 Two star Traces to make 1 random Three star Trace
5 Three star Traces to make 1 random Four star Trace
10 Rupees per 1 Star -> 2 Star Synthesis
100 Rupees per 2 Star -> 3 Star Synthesis
1000 Rupees per 3 Star -> 4 Star Synthesis


Skill upgrade materials:
1 Tier 3 item to make 5 Tier 2 items
1 Tier 2 item to make 10 Tier 1 items
For example: An Invincible Shell deconstructs to make 5 Unscathed Shells and an Unscathed Shell deconstructs to make 10 Broken Shells.
1000 Rupees per Tier 3 -> Tier 2 Deconstruction
100 Rupees per Tier 2 -> Tier 1 Deconstruction

1 Metron Crystal to make 100 Metron Fragments
1000 Rupees per Deconstruction

1 Advanced Toolbox deconstructs into 10 Toolboxes
100 Rupees per Deconstruction


Equipment upgrade items:
Coolant, Lightning box, and Flammable Material can be made from each other.
For example: 1 Coolant can be made at the cost of Converting 1 Lightning Box, 1 Flammable Material, and 1000 Rupees.

Awakening Items:
Frozen Heart, Burning Heart, and Sparkling Heart can be made from each other.
For example: 1 Sparkling Heart can be made at the cost of Converting 1 Frozen Heart, 1 Burning Heart, and 250,000 Rupees.

Skill upgrade items:
3 items of the same grade can be used to make the fourth item.
For example: 1 Invincible Shell can be made by converting 1 Unusual Metal Piece, 1 Fruit Bearing Herb, 1 Scorching Flamestone, and 1000 Rupees.
Tier 1 Conversions cost 10 Rupees
Tier 2 Conversions cost 100 Rupees
Tier 3 Conversions cost 1000 Rupees

If you've read this far I'd first like to say Thank you very much for taking interest in my idea. I have many many ideas for incorporating this alchemy building into many other aspects of the game, and I believe it can give players slightly more control over their growth and have them put a little more personal touch into strategizing how they allocate their resources. You can use it to implement new characters and lore and reignite interests in other aspects of the game such as fishing. I'd like this "Alchemy" aspect to pave the way to create a mechanic geared towards creating and manipulating Jewels as well.

If you do decide to use this idea and add changes of your own. I only ask that you refrain from these things:

Please do not use a probability/loss system
I really don't want to see my fellow Captains risk their hard earned materials, only to lose them.

If you do decide to have a daily limit, please don't have the limit be extremely low, like only 5 Alchemic Reactions per day or something.

Thank you very much for your time! <3