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    It's good to know that the Guild Chat is now fully functioning. We can now able to do the Fuel Request as well as chat but...


    There is only thing I don't like... The Guild Chat seems to be SAVED in chat history even if you're OFFLINE or others gone offline too and what's worst is offline members can able to see previous chats when they get back in and even the newer members can able to see them through.


    I feel like I really need to refrain topics. haha.. I don't want anyone who don't seem around get a chance to see the very previous ones. 
    This is really weird and intriguing for the Guild Chat to save its messages.


    Even if it is a Guild Chat, privacy should at least be observed.


    It should only the FUEL REQUESTS, announcements and friendly match are able to be saved in the Guild Chat History. Nothing Else.


    Instead you should add to allow Guild Leader and Supervisors can able to Pin their chat for Announcement purposes.



    Sample of Normal Guild Chat should be look like this.

    • SONNYxq 2019.03.09 19:25
      I agree.

      #Edit... I agree with the pinning of fuel requests or button to get there fast.
    • Lois96 2019.03.09 20:51
      Im still on Christmas spirits! XD
      Ye, i would like to recommend pinned reply instead of chats being saved. I hope its possible and consider this idea
    • Plong 2019.03.09 22:03
      yeah pinned message is a must, also fuel request should be pinned too so player can donate fuel easily instead of scrolling up the chat to find if anyone has a request. :)
    • Krabbe 2019.03.09 23:42
      Don't mean to be offensive, but I don't agree at all. I think it's really nice for making guild announcements or whatever. If members who are offline can't see that, then there is no point in guild messages at all imo. If you have something private to say, just use direct messages and not guild chat.
    • Nazure 2019.03.10 00:50
      Disagree; if folks want privacy, meet clara and have her prepare u a mail. Otherwise; guild leader as now can make random chat, announcement, etc on guild-channel and thus can interact with others folks online at different timezone.

      Consider this game much globwl community, me really appreciate this chat-log function.
      Keep in mind log can be seen later, consider topics and else on the chat :-j
    • Calludus 2019.03.10 02:15
      What I'm concern mostly is the FUEL REQUEST. It will be hard to find or too long to scroll.. If they want that guild chat save feature.. well.. Ok Fine. I won't argue with that..
      Just the FUEL REQUEST always a priority and should be line up with one another so that other guild members can easily find those.
      And also the Pinning Chat. It would also be convenient.
      Lastly, I guess your also annoyed about the friendly match and hunter announcement that will take lots of chat space.. there should also
      an own option whether to hide them or not.
    • Trixmatyr 2019.03.10 05:44
      Remove friendly match results pls... It's flooding the guild chat
    • Jng 2019.03.11 20:01
      Lol it’s only privy to guild mates, if that is a problem then...

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