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How block chance and damage reduction works?   [7]

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    1. If a character have 100% damage reduction is it mean that character don't take skil damage and don't take tap damage when he/she blocks?

    2. Game says block chance reducing to posibility of taking crit and reducing to extra damage when you take crit damage. But what are the rates for this two?

    3. How math works with damage reduction buffs?If +25% is it work like 50+(50*25/100) or 50+25?
    • Joshiesaurus 2021.03.30 02:51
      1. The game has an upper limit on almost every buff. Damage Reductions (DRB for short) upper limit is 90%, meaning in calculations if you have over 90% DRB it'll only count up to the 90%, anything over that isn't counted.

      2. Block chance and damage are inverses of each other, so 33% Block chance will lower the enemies Critcal damage by 33%. For the Block chance and Critcal chance relation I'm not entirely sure but I think it's roughly about for every 3% block chance the enemies CC falls by 1% (or 0.33% CC for every 1% BC). As for how it's calculated wether an enemy blocks or you Crit is as follows:

      The game will do it's calculations to determine the attackers CC then 'roll' to see wether you land a Crit or a normal attack. If it rolls a Crit then you Crit, if not then it'll 'roll' for the defender after checking their Block chance. If they block then they of course Block, if not then it's just a regular attack. Pretty simple system basically, if your having trouble visualizing it then just imagine it as a pie graph with only two sections in both scenarios, and that it spins on that to determine what happens, just that the one only spins sometimes.

      I specialized in Crit teams for a long time and learned this after facing heavy block chance teams, despite the fact that the enemy would have over 100% block chance I could still Crit them because of this.

      3. Everything in this game is addictive as far as I know, so it only just adds/subtracts the percentages like they were whole numbers. Ex if you have Erise and Clara on the same team it would be: 52% (Erise DRB) + 30% (Erise passive) + 25% (Clara passive) = 107% DRB in total (but the game will only count up to 90% in total)

      If you have other questions feel free to ask. My friends often call me a wiki about this game lol.
    • Evolved 2021.03.30 03:27
      Thank you for explaning. How skill damage culculates? For example a character have 1000 def 50% damage reduction and enemy have 10000 burst skill damage.
    • Joshiesaurus 2021.03.30 06:14
      I don't know how exactly the game calculates damage since calculations for this type of stuff is often hard to figure, especially when no two hunters are the same (even two players with the same hunter since different players have different stats for their hunters for a multitude of reasons; fate bonuses, dorm bonuses, equipment/jewels, and team building mainly). I can just give the 'basics'. This is just a basic understanding of how *most* skills calculate, there's a quite a few different ones out there. Most of this applies not just to skills but your regular damage as well, and bleed damage.

      Your attack stat in battle is calculated by: Base stat total + any hunter role bonuses, aka 3rd skill (%) + any passives that increase attack (%) + Elemental Enchancement [EE for Short] (%, if applicable), +/- any buffs/debuffs the hunter currently has that would affect attack (%)

      Defense is basically the same way but with Elemental Resistance [ER] instead of EE. EE is applicable when you face a hunter that you have the elemental advantage against and ER is applicable when facing a hunter you have the elemental disadvantage against.

      As for Damage Reduction, it's the last thing in skill/bleed calculations. It's literally just -DR%. So if the opponent has 50% damage reduction it'll go -50%, basically halving the final number. It's the biggest factor in skill damage by far, the higher your reduction is the less damage you take. If you can lower the enemies damage reduction then your skill damage will increase by quite a bit.

      Same goes for if an opponent blocks you unless the attacker has any Armor Penetration in which case the AP is last instead. Armor penetration is just guaranteed damage on every regular attack. So if you have 16 AP then every attack will deal +16 damage.

      There isn't really a point to knowing the exact calculations but knowing all this is useful if your looking to just deal as much damage as possible / take as little as possible. Certain skills ignore damage reduction and thus have a different calculation, some deal fixed damage, and a few ignore defense. Regardless everything above is still somewhat a part of those calculations. Anyways you'll do just fine knowing this information.
    • Nazure 2021.03.30 11:50
      i prefer simplify things.
      So, for this topic, consider example below:

      1/ Damage reduction: you suppose to take 100 damage when attacked (or like 150 when crit happen); but thanks to this stat upgrade, you now take only like 60 or 80 damage instead. Part of the damged was blocked.

      2/ Block-chance: how frequent you will have damage reduction happen as explained above.
    • 카이엔페퍼 2021.03.30 11:53

      base damage = ATK * other variables(★ grades, hunter's state, corrections : stage, arena, mirage, blitz.....)

       # pvp contents' correction(arena, blitz, mirage) : ATK * 2.6

      normal attack damage = attacker's base damage / opponent's DEF

      crit attack damage
      1) attacker's actual Crit Attack Chance = attacker's Crit Attack Chance - (opponent's Block Chance / 2)
      2) attacker's actual Crit Attack Damage = attacker's Crit Attack Damage - opponent's Block Chance
       # Block Chance influences both crit chance and crit damage
       # Crit damage never goes below 100%.(Crit damage 100% = normal attack damage)

      actual skill damage = (damage what you see on your skill details * pvp correction) / (opponent's DEF / 100) * ((100- opponent's Damage Reduction) / 100)

      / means devide
      * means multiply

      have a good day guys :D

    • BirdOfHermes 2021.03.30 17:32
      Theres Josh, explaining the game better than the people that made it!
    • BirdOfHermes 2021.05.07 20:20
      They should give you a job.! You know the game better than they do

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