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What needs to be fixed in Fight Club   [12]

Joshiesaurus    Lv.  14
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    Hello everyone, if you haven't seen last week's Fight Club scores for the Midgard server then I recommend you do down below. Rank 2 has a minimum of 9000 more points then rank 3 and everyone else, with rank 1 having 16 000 more than rank 3. The high ranks in FC this week were complete chaos, and i'm here to talk about how broken the current FC system truly is, with some things only coming to light with this madness.

    So to explain how this all started (at least to our knowledge, there probably was other factors but we wouldn't know), a couple of friends and I started climbing into the top ranks at the beginning of the week. Everything was going fine until Tuesday night, when the current rank 1, Gaghiel, climbed as well and started spamming a massive amount of fights against us in our sleep. Soon after this the current rank 2, Tauwind, started also spamming us with alot of fights to try and catch up to him, which started them on the track to getting the amount of insane points they had. I'll show some photos of both of them spamming multiple of my friends and I down below all this, but keep in mind those are just a very tiny taste of what we had been dealing with for multiple days.

    One of the problems at hand here is there is no hard cap on how many Fight Club tickets you can have at one time. For those who don't know what a hard cap is, it is a part of almost all stamina based systems, like FC with its tickets. It limits how much of said stamina you can hold at maximum after having more than what you naturally regenerate (referred to as a soft cap). Blustone doesn't have a hard cap so players can literally hold thousands of tickets, making it unbalanced since you can win by just spamming people with more fights then they can handle. They need a hard cap or something else that limits the number of fights one player can reasonably do in a day, like a daily fight limit. Also we've done the math, these two have done more than 1 thousand fights in not just a week, but 4 days. They need some sort of system in play to limit players from just hoarding tickets like this and / or spamming fights with them, which makes it impossible for others to actually attack, since we get stuck doing nothing but revenges constantly.

    Second one I won't say as much about this one since we all hated this when they changed it but the points system. In the past the amount of points earned / lost after a fight was dependent on your rank VS theirs. So if you were a lower rank you earned more points for winning a fight against those above you, and less for those beneath you and vice versa if you lost to them. The current points system is fixed so you earn / lose the same amount of points no matter who you fight, which encourages people to attack the weak and gives no reward for fighting the strong, which throws balance out the window. You can just attack the weaker players making it harder for them to climb since they might not be able to beat their attacker, resulting in them losing a lot of points instead of just a little. The old system was way more balanced and made a lot more sense then the dumpster fire of a system we have these days.

    The third one is going to take a bit of explaining since you need to understand how the matchmaking works and how it's being abused by at least one of them. The game takes other players within your range and puts them into an opponent pool. But despite what you might think it's not random who shows up next out of all those players. All those players actually get put into a 'cycle' that repeats over and over again, always with the same players in the same order until it gets updated as the rankings get moved around. So if you can remember the cycle you can use it to know when certain players are coming up, making it easy to find them. So now that you know how the matchmaking works here's the problem:

    You can use this to easily spam the same players over and over again, which is exactly what is going on right now. You can spam one player repeatedly by spending a lot of rupees / manda to refresh your opponent and move on to the next one. Filling their defense screen up faster then they can fight back. The proof will be in the pictures if you look at the time between Gaghiels fights. Most of his fights take place only 3-6 minutes apart from each other. There were times when he took a break for 15 minutes or so just to get back to the spamming but more often than not it was that short of a time frame. Meaning he's ignoring many other players just to target us specifically, showing yet another flaw in the system.

    VS in the past made the system this way to make it harder for one player to be targeted but in reality made it easier. Sure you have to fight against a different player just to see the player you fought before that again, but after that it's easy to find them once again. They need to update the system once again to protect against this sort of action. How is it fair at all to anyone if one player can just spam you once every couple minutes, and keep in mind he was doing it every night to us for 5 hours straight. We were all losing more points then we could possibly earn in a day.

    The entire system needs to be reworked, there's way too much that is broken that the top players can just abuse at their will. What's happening right now is not fair to anyone at all, and don't take this post wrong, this isn't just my friends and I complaining about not being able to climb as high as we wanted, even if we are a bit mad at these two and a bit depressed that this is happening. I won't deny that all 5 of us feel this way, however we're pointing all this out because we want to try and see some kind of good come out of it, and hope that VS might just fix what is broken here.

    Just to mention what's broken once again:

    1. No limit to how many tickets one player can hold, leading to potential hoarding of massive amounts of tickets, on top of no daily fight limit to prevent one player from doing a massive amount of fights in one day. At least one of these things needs to be fixed

    2. The points system is designed to make the weak be preyed against, and gives no rewards for hard battles against strong opponents unlike how it was in the past. The old system worked extremely well and needs to come back

    3. Refreshing to find a specific opponent is extremely easy if you have massive amounts of resources, leading to one player getting attacked by another a massive amount of times in a short time frame. They need to introduce a new system to prevent a player from being targeted like that because the one they introduced doesn't work well

    Here's the pictures of Gaghiel and Tauwind spamming us repeatedly, with the name of the player getting spammed by them shown, and once again keep in mind that this is nothing like what we've experienced for the past 4 days, it's just the tiniest taste:













    • Etheal 2021.03.16 09:31
      How much ya' wanna bet they post an inauthentic and unoriginal response that they never deviate far from in formula, then do nothing about it? I agree with you, just saying you probably wasted effort on this post.
    • Nazure 2021.03.16 11:24
      The world has been gloomy enough. No need for more harsh words here.
      And this post is not wasted lol. It help me realize how some pple still love. devote to the game, & want it better. Good to know folks still care BluStone.
    • Etheal 2021.03.16 11:30
      The concern for the game is a little too late for it to save it. There were no harsh words, but the truth is sometimes hard to deal with if you don't like it. You can't cover your eyes and hope the boogeyman goes away in life.
    • Nazure 2021.03.16 11:17

      tyvm sharing the story & ur Fight-club experience here. glad to know.
      It's very informative, & easy to understand (for me, at least). Now I realize how fight-club not doing well.

      Normally, I'd just play FC five or six time daily, enough for some attendance & 6-win awards, and then leave.
      So, no really care what others have been doing up there. Im just okay getting about 350+ manda weekly.

      That some dedication & devotion from Korean & Taiwanese GOSU xD

      About this matter, just posting here maybe not enough
      If want to get awareness & action from Visual Novel about fight-club, I'd advise:
      - make a post in Forum support area: https://bs.visualshower.com/help_desk_en
      - email to Customer Service: cs@visualshower.com

      I've problem with event before. Emailed CS. Got much suppportive respond

      Good luck on this matter.

      May we meet sometime in Fight Club (man, these defense team look insane @@")

    • Nazure 2021.03.16 11:27
      on other hand: anyone want to go serious at FC can consider idea from this post, hoarding thousand of FC ticket & go all out like how Gaghiel & Tauwind did. o_O
    • Joshiesaurus 2021.03.17 01:53
      The only reason we chose to bring all this to everyone is because VS won't listen otherwise. In the past we've tried messaging them about bugs but they never listened until we brought it out to the public and here's a few examples that I can remember:

      1. Towards the end of 2019 Calibur had a bug that prevented her from attacking after using her skill sometimes. I messaged VS about it but they did nothing until a week later when Neo-Nikos went public with that bug. Only after that was it actually fixed quickly. And ya, I know bugs take time to fix but that was a small one, not some giant one like the next one I'll mention. There was no reason it should've taken that long.

      Link to her post: https://bs.visualshower.com/index.php?mid=forum_en&page=16&document_srl=1279774

      2. During the second half of 2020 blitz was constantly breaking. After the hunter awakening update it broke once again, that time it was all hunters had way lower stats than normal, making all fights both harder and easier at the same time. A few guild mates sent support information about it and I went public about, only for them to do nothing about until a week later when I actually had more information, and believe it or not, more bugs to tell and show off. Even if my first post didn't have pics, the least they could do is look into the issue, not just ignore, especially with more people saying they have the same issue. And they had those bugs fixed in 2 days.

      Link to the first post: https://bs.visualshower.com/index.php?mid=forum_en&page=4&document_srl=1458265
      Link to the second: https://bs.visualshower.com/index.php?mid=forum_en&page=4&document_srl=1462016

      Point is, they do absolutely nothing unless called out on it publicly, which is why we also translated this exact post to both Chinese and Korean and posted it in their forums as well. We're sick of them doing nothing unless called out directly on it. And there's more than just this, this is just what I can remember but this alone proves my point.

      And no, Etheal, there's no reason to just give up without trying first. You never know if something could happen unless you at the very least try, and this also informs everyone of the stupidity of the entire system their PvP runs. Your just full of negativity, don't disregard other people's efforts immediately before seeing what happens. No need for that here.
    • papapou 2021.03.17 01:53
      Why people report the post???
      They want to keep fc broken??
      Yess we see tauwaind and gaghiel,at this time it was them, it could be easyly someone else next time,the post is to show there is a real fc problem
    • BirdOfHermes 2021.03.20 13:58
      It's the top players not that dont want vs to change a thing so they can keep taking advantage of the broken system. Plus reporting does do a thing anymore!
    • JU1CYL0RD 2021.03.17 03:31
      Nothing has changed, I stopped playing 2 years ago because the #1 FC whale at the time did the exact same thing with his jerkoff buddies bullying on #2 and #3 so he can keep being #1

      I'm going to sound brutal but Blustone has lost alot of players and what is keeping it mostly alive are the egotistic whales that want to stay in the highest ranks possible

      0001 channel is so empty now and dead quiet compared to back then when it was flooded the whole day. I actually miss the toxicity lol

      It will take a miracle for them to 180 this but I know this game still has potential. Fix FC so people won't quit and just gotta spam ads like afk arena and I know alot of people will be interested
    • BirdOfHermes 2021.03.20 13:59
      VS already has the top whales money so they don't care
    • BirdOfHermes 2021.03.17 19:09
      I bet BS let's this happen hoping to get rid of as many free to play players as possible. I've seen it in other games. They make it so unbalanced as possible so the f2p feel the need to spend money so they can have a chance.
    • papapou 2021.03.21 23:36

      SHAME,we try to make this game improve for everyone and lurker just report without saying anything constructive

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