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Blitz is broken part 2. This time with pictures   [10]

Joshiesaurus    Lv.  14
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    So if you all remember my post from last week you'll remember me saying that all hunters HP was more than half of what it should've been, as well as healing. Well blitz has been broken even more this week as all characters are showing up as ice in the team building screen (but are their original elements in an actual fight), and for some people with awakened captain or vincent their element is the same as it originally was but with their awakened states skill set. Just look at the captain below fighting Monica, you can see he's healing (meaning he's Awakened) but is electric instead of fire.

    You wanted proof after my post last week vs, well here it is and more! Now fix it please!




    • Natara 2020.11.09 12:05

      Hello Joshiesaurus,

      We sincerely thank you for providing us with the information and screenshots.
      We have delivered the issues regarding Guild Blitz and the screenshots to the development team.
      We will make sure to investigate the issue as thoroughly as possible.

      Please feel free to contact us anytime through our "Support" page if you have any inquiries!
      Thank you.

    • papapou 2020.11.10 01:28
      Why a secret answed for something broken???
    • BirdOfHermes 2020.11.10 04:52
      They don't want to look bad
    • BirdOfHermes 2020.11.10 05:00
      I had 4 weird fights this last blitz. 2 should of been easy fights that I almost lost because enemy hunters doing ridiculous amounts of damage to my hunters of a stronger element and the other two had the healing issuse you mentioned.
    • Natara 2020.11.10 12:21
      Hello BirdOfHermes,

      Please note that the HP bonus application issue and the element display issue in the Guild Blitz is planned to be fixed through the 2603 update.

      If you continuously face the same issue in the Guild Blitz after the 2603 update, we'd sincerely appreciate it if you could provide us with a screenshot through our "Support" page or a video clip at cs@visualshower.com with your in-game nickname and the details of the issue for us to investigate the cause as quickly as possible.

      We will continue to do our best for our Captains to enjoy Guild Blitz in a more comfortable environment.
      Thank you.
    • BirdOfHermes 2020.11.10 05:01
      I guess now I have to start recording every fight so I can catch your bugs?
    • Natara 2020.11.10 12:15

      Hello Captains,

      We apologize for any actions that might have caused any confusion or suspicion.
      We will reply to any issues regarding a bug in the public state for our Captains to check the issue together.

      Also, we'd sincerely appreciate it if you could report us on any bug issues through our "Support" page for us to support you more thoroughly and quickly as possible.

      We sincerely thank you for your reports and cooperation!
      Thank you.

    • BirdOfHermes 2020.11.11 21:37
      When's the update?
      So you guys dont do hot fixes huh? Guess wer'e lucky these bugs don't cost us manda and break the game like everything else always does.
    • Natara 2020.11.13 17:25
      Hello BirdOfHermes,

      We sincerely ask for your understanding that there is a delay in the update due to the delay in the iOS verification process.
      Also, we sincerely apologize that it is difficult for us to provide an exact update date as the issue has to deal with the iOS verification process.

      Please feel free to contact us anytime through our "Support" page if you have any inquiries!
      Thank you.
    • Natara 2020.11.16 14:33
      Hello Captains,

      Please note that the issue will be fixed with the 2603 update.
      Please feel free to contact us anytime through our "Support" page if you continuously face the same issue even after the update.

      Thank you.

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