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Fight club unfairly broken.   [12]

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    There's so many fights in fight club that been broke and highly unfair. I dropped over 200 in rank in less than three days cause I have been loosing to fighters that several times higher than me such 56 and above in rank. And getting placed in matches with 95 and higher... please fix this bug cause this extremely unfair for us that worked to be in situations to be knocked down so far the latter. I was ranked 150 to be dropped faster in the 500s in two days and can't get any fair placements of getting revenge or normal challenges... fix the system to keep those who are fighting above 100 fight themselves without having easier wins by continuing to fight people that arent in the same league
    • BirdOfHermes 2020.09.14 13:51
      Yeah I got people in the top 20 taking advantage of this. Skip the easy fights and be a decent person. You already get tons of manda, stop messing with people that get significantly less!
    • Natara 2020.09.14 18:39
      Hello Captains,

      Please note that the basic method of the matching system did not change. However, we have found and fixed an issue in the value that is referenced internally for matching.

      Originally, there is a value that is given individually to our Captains for matching reference.
      But as the number of Captains who are included in Fight Club have increased significantly when compared to the initial launch period, there has been a prolonged issue where the value was not updated normally.

      The reference value has been normalized and matching may temporarily seem to work in a completely different system from the previous one.
      However, this is a problem that is occurring in the process of reflecting the value normally and it is planned to be decreased gradually over time.

      The purpose of this reference value is to help the actual strength of the Captain's team to be reflected in the actual ranking more quickly.

      Please feel free to contact us anytime through our "Support" page if you have any questions regarding the provided information!
      Thank you.
    • BirdOfHermes 2020.09.15 06:20
      This is bs because all the top players are doing is taking easy fights. How is that fair when they're only fighting people that are over 100 rank points higher than them? I've been playing this game for around 3 years and I'm pretty sure I'm done. I just go attacked by the 3 ranked player. I've over 300 now because they're only taking advantage of this. Oh yeah, let me repeat rank 3 against over 300! How is that not broken? I think you guys did this JUST so people would get less free manda!
    • Lysandros 2020.09.15 00:24
      I feel like leaving the game entirely because of how broke the FC is. How is it I'm getting bullied by the top 50's and 30's? I'm barely holding on from dumping this game because of my guildmates, but even they're feeling the lack of drive to play.
    • Nazure 2020.09.15 11:57
      you guys really care & upset that much on FC rank, and on any relevant bugs exist within?
      I just do it once/twice per day for daily task and that's just it.

      surprise me, seeing much complain & react on this matter @@"
    • Elatha 2020.09.15 12:19
      This is the worst take I've ever seen about anything ever.

      "This isn't my problem so it's no ones problem"

    • BirdOfHermes 2020.09.19 16:29
      Nice! I like you!!
    • Frisbee 2020.09.23 04:55
      If you're only doing FC for daily tasks, you honestly do not have a say in this. FC is literally the biggest contributor for Manda right now, and your rank is directly tied to it.
    • Natara 2020.09.16 11:48
      Hello Captains,

      Please note that the frequency of being matched with an opponent of a huge rank gap in Fight Club is planned to be reduced with the update.
      We sincerely thank you for your precious opinions on Blustone and we will work hard for you to enjoy Blustone even more by listening attentively to your precious opinions!

      Please feel free to contact us anytime through our "Support" page if you have any further inquiries or opinions!
      Thank you.
    • Muskrat 2020.09.16 20:22
      For the sake of painting a more complete picture, I know players who were rank 700 now reaching sub 200 by attacking weak opponents. In essence, what's happening is newer players are being asked to attack newer players rather than attack veterans. And veteran players are being asked to only attack veterans. If you are a high ranking newer player, you will be able to prey upon plenty of weaker players who started the game around the same time as you. If you are a high ranking veteran player, you will only receive fights against other veteran players.

      So you will fight verses people of the same "class" as you. However, you will be ranked among all players. This has two effects: 1) it will become possible to merge the two servers of midgard and Alf into one without forcing Alf players to fight midgard veterans, and 2) if you want to win fight club you will be more advantaged as a completely new player who rapidly strengthens than as a veteran player forced to play against other veterans.
    • Natara 2020.09.17 11:26 SECRET

      "This is a secret article."

    • StarryNight117 2020.09.25 01:11
      I’m a returning player, and it’s sad to see how the community is still complains about Fight Club and all of it’s antics. I thought I was going to be returning to a well developed, less P2W PVP game. Unfortunately my hopes were risen too high. However, I have no need to grind in FC like I used to. Those Top 20 days are long gone as the meta is different, many more 4* characters, and GUILDS. For 2 years, there were a group of 30-50 of us barking up VS’s tree wanting a guild system out in place. It just so happens to do so when I put down this game. Sad.

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