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I didn't understand why...   [12]

TrojanWolf    Lv.  1
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    Peeps: Can i go to the bathroom? Me: idk, can you?

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    I don't know what's up with you guys, but i think it's a risky move from Vs, why did they suddenly gave 4⭐️ selection? Aren't those just gonna make them lose some of their profits? With that given every months (maybe, i don't know) people will just gonna clinging their game into 4⭐️ only, leading to 3⭐️ Extinction, i'm scared this game will....i don't know, Sink faster than i (we) thought, and maybe it's a sign for Natural 5⭐️ (¬_¬)

    I'm not Ungrateful, every action comes with results, i just want to play this game with my luck, now i think i don't need it (for now).

    Please tell me your opinion about this 4⭐️ Selection
    • Etheal 2019.08.01 08:46
      Same thoughts.
    • Nazure 2019.08.01 12:47
      How i see things so far:

      + introducing new 4*: folks complain 4* is pay-2-play.... Game no fair / friendly for new foks free-2-play.
      + 4*-selection-available: afraid that VS will gain less profit >>> game closing?

      > some folks prefer complain things instead of playing & enjoy BS itself. Not healthy I'd say.


      Havent got my hand on the 4*-selection-scroll yet. So I really dont like this forum post talk bad things about 4* scrolls =.=

      Afraid of 3* extinction?
      Probably, on mid 2021 when fight-club 4* everywhere. Might consider save-up your items, skip power-up 3* equipment to prepare in advance then?
    • TrojanWolf 2019.08.01 12:53
      Lol, i understand, but again, it's just to sudden and i wasn't even prepared for this kind of things. but maybe i should look at the bright side, thanks bruh!
    • Nazure 2019.08.01 12:56
      Nvm have a nice day too. Thks for the reply Wolf.
    • Nazure 2019.08.01 12:55
      Real-life itself tough already.
      I'd suggest to mitigate negative things & p.o.v 'bout BluStone.
      Could u, as new players (300-day-less?) manage to run abyss stage-8 daily?
      Progress that, managed that.... before complaining anything else about BluStone o_O
    • TrojanWolf 2019.08.01 13:58
      I'm just stating that i didn't have to push my luck harder than before, and the game itself also growing,whether 4* getting the spotlght and replacing 3* ages, i didn't even think it's a bad outcome, i'm just confused why so sudden, and about profit thingy, i just saw it with one side pov, the customer side, maybe it's their strategy to sell the game harder for the newcomers or veterans that getting bored to play everyday, and maybe, just maybe, this is their act to prevent the sunkening, am i look complaining tho? I didn't think i am, that's why i'm asking for you guys opinion to prevent me complaining :)
    • MrBlustone 2019.08.01 14:56
      It's actually a smart move. If everyone raged from not being able to obtain 4 stars, wouldn't most just quit? So instead of losing a huge pool of income, it's a small price to pay. Besides, this game originally had a couple thousand. Now it's reaching millions. So why complain? Just enjoy the rewards. Not everything needs to be ranted. Like it seems as if everyone now and days need to find a reason to complain. Now I'm complaining from your complaint. Oh jeez. This disease has infected me. Oh no. What's next? Ah! Blustone Drama! Returning 2020! Everyone beware! (I'm not serious. Keep ranting. It's fun getting opinions from others. Thank you for your consideration.)
      P.S. I'm just a regular player.
    • papapou 2019.08.02 00:17
      Tumbs up
    • Miroslava 2019.08.01 15:04
      Well, thinking about t3 one (just one) nature 4* with selective ticket, we still need 7x months to complete one unit...

      Considering 5x units for offense team and more 5x for def, if you want build only nat 4* teams, you should have more “luck” at your pulls than bother about need or don’t, buy stuffs to speed up your improvements.

      Anyway, without this ticket how long you will need wait to get your favorite char? (So, have the feeling factor here...)
    • MrPolarBear 2019.08.01 15:40
      Just play and stop complain LOL!
    • Katte 2019.08.01 17:16
      Good advice
    • TrojanWolf 2019.08.01 20:55
      Ahahaha, fine fine, ish i'm just asking!

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