《Castaways》 - Guild information

by Fukurama posted Nov 21, 2018

Castaways 5.png

I am pleased to announce the first guild on the global servers. We are a team of veterans, active players, and goofs that together are looking to become the #1 guild one day!

If you are interested in joining, let me know, or post down below on this post, or alternatively PM me.
##Requirements for Joining##
-Level 40+
-Inactive max 3 days (without letting us know)
-Be an active contributor to the guild 17.5k gp/week is our target. (10k a week minimum.)
- no furry rp or instaban
These are the initial rwquirements, BUT not absolute! If you see a reason beyond these to be able to join, it will be taken into consideration!
Thanks for your time!