Midgard's Story Little Quizz - win and get a reward!

by UrielSR posted Mar 26, 2018

Hello, I just wanted to propose you a mini-challenge :) :


Be the first one to answer correctly to the five questions of this little quizz and get a little reward for it. The first hunter who posts the correct answer in the comment section will get as a reward an...ENTIRE NEW VET TICKET which i got on the lottery (valuated in 50 vet points) (its not much but I cant offer much more, apart from this you may get a good feeling called "proudness")


EDIT: reward has already been claimed, ty for participating.


CAUTION: The answers can be found in the Midgard's story section first 4 chapters which means you need to have stage 40 cleared, so if you havent already got them be carefull as you may get spoiled.


So, the quizz begins:


1. Which is Tytyl’s true job?
a.    She is a hunter and nothing else.
b.    She is a famous midgarian engineer.
c.    She owns a bakery.


2. Which is Bruce’s true power?
a.    He can make you faint and get into your subconscious.
b.    He can hypnotize you with his music.
c.    He hasn’t got any special powers despite being a known musician.


3. Why did Metis become a hunter?
a.    She seeked to find the person who saved her once.
b.    She wanted to explode things.
c.    She was forced to do it.


4. Why did Lana hug Sylvester in the past?
a.    Cuz it was his last desire.
b.    Cuz he is her grandpa.
c.    Cuz they were going to freeze to death.


5. Why did Captain date Metis once?
a.    Cuz he was throw into it by Lana.
b.    Cuz he’s into redheads.
c.    Cuz he needed to defuse a bomb.


I guess I probably will get ignored, but i hope this little quiz enjoys some of the users of this game and, if its not a complete failure, encourages other users to propose their own quizzs or post more about this games story and characters (which are truly awesome if you dont know them yet, but sometime we skip the good parts). Have a nice day, see ya ;)