Midgard's Abyss Little challenge

by UrielSR posted Mar 27, 2018

Hello there, this is Uriel. I keep trying to burn my current vet tickets through little mini-challenges related to BS. in this case, its about the abyss (yup, that strange cave that is full of metrons and that makes hunters go insane).


A new player has just arrived midgar and is trying to complete the first stage of these caves to get his first metron, but, he only has Cap and Tytil on 2 and 1*, so he's having a lot of trouble and gets lost each time he enters into it. Can u help him to get the metron drawing a path across the cave?


If u want to help him reply to this post with the correct path drawed into the image and, if u are the first one to get the solution, u will get...another NEW vet ticket!


PD: please reply with the "Secret" option on, in order to not reveal the answer to others who may want to try. Also, the icons of the hunters and the metron has been retrieved from the vsfan wiki (https://vsfan.net/wiki/)

Untitled 1.png



I do keep thinking that this forum should be BS related and not dramas/gossip/my current personal issues related. These minichallenges may be childish, but i hope it enjoys someone. Oc, its just imo, so feel free to ignore this. See ya ;)