Strength or Time?

by Insaner posted Mar 28, 2018
Hi, I have been in to this game for month and find out a very ridiculous thing of this game. We are all building our team to the very best, which can be increased in strength. However, the basic time for every battle is limited. This is getting funny when you are stronger than people in the arena or having a great tactic to dominate even higher power team but the time make you lose and leave you there with dissapoiting to the game feature! The arena should be a survival battlefield, not a racing track! Because, AI bots tactic sometime use healing function to buy so much time and make you lose for time exceeded. This is very unfair when fighting in a fair number of fight power. Im very frustrated for losing arena ticket just because the other team is strong fairly to mine. If the point of the arena is bullying with fight power then Im quit! I hope the devs or someone read these heartbreaking words :(