just an idea for this game - another way to get vet points

by UrielSR posted Mar 28, 2018

Hello there, since a while now ive been thinking in how f2p players can reach the 67.52k vet points needed to get Vicent without being a famous rockstar o play for decades.


Doing some math from the store, u can more or less calculate the price of these two. From the packages you can determine how much money a vet point costs (oc this is very limited as the package also offers a lot more of stuff) and from the manda store how much 1 manda does too (also very limited as while buying manda you also buy some vet points, but its enough to do a rough aproximation. If you calculate this, the result shows that 1 manda is 10 times more valuable than a vet ticket.


Hence, my proposal is to implement a feature in which vet points can be exchanged for manda in this relation, 1 manda for 10vet points. 


Lets make a practical example: you buy the 30 manda offer, for 2,79 euros in my case, and get 330 vet points extra. In case you use your manda to earn more vet points, you would get a total of 630 vet points for the 2.79 euros and nothing else, leaving each vet point at 0.004 euros each.

However, if you buy the 4.69 manda package, you will get 100 + 20x15= 400 manda and 550 vet points. Doing the same, a player can obtain 4.55k vet points, leaving each at 0.001 euros. 

As you can see, the second option is much more profitable and, the more you spend, the better the conversion rate becomes. This woulb be good for both p2w and f2p players. Both would get a faster way to Guru 3, but p2w will still be much more faster. F2ps will be able to use their manda in other matters which may be interesting for some players (vets specially).


What do you think about this? Its just a proposal but i woul like to ear what current users would say about it.