r/VisualShower is Back! Get your VisualShower Related discord advertised!

by AzuraLight posted Mar 29, 2018



Hello all,


I recently took over r/visualshower and plan to bring it back to life. Already we are seeing more activity and page views in just a week! I wrote this on r/visualshower and I want to share with you all my vision for the subreddit. I want it to be a place that any person can feel like they can access, where people can find out information, news, and even get some help on things they may be struggling with (Blustone related or any other VisualShower content), and any type of fan art. Think of it the forums.... but just on reddit. One of the major plans I have for the subreddit is get people access to other forms of information like for say the discords. There are some great people that hang out on there instead of the chats in game. If you want your discord to be advertised on the r/visualshower respond in the comments with a join link and a very brief description of your subreddit. Also feel free to post your advertisements on the subreddit as well. All content is welcome!


P.S. I do not in any way represent VisualShower. R/VisualShower is a community driven subreddit.


P.P.S Be on the look out for another forum post in the coming week about r/visualshowers fan art contest. Monetary rewards will be available for the best ones!