So anyways.....

by Swedcarp posted Mar 29, 2018
Hello all, hope your day/evening/night is going well! As a preface, I’m still new to Midgard. I just reached my first 28 day scroll!

Although I am still inexperienced, I have been quite busy, with head down, grinding away. I got lucky and hit a fuel lotto early on, which greatly enabled my efforts. I have screened through many posts, trying to nab all your (the collective) tricks and strategies, gained through many more hours of mindless finger tapping. Which leads me to the main subject of this post...I need guidance in moving forward, pure and simple.

/edit *pure and simple my ass...Srry, I couldn’t shut up.

Currently, I’m not concerned with trying to achieve FC greatness....From what I’ve gathered, it seems that the only benefit to it is the standing rewards. Since I will not have a maxed out, 5star team anytime in the near future, I’m fine with whatever progression I take there.

I’m more concerned with advancing through the story, extra event quests and whatnot, and in building a team filled with general baddassness.

I’ve been a little annoyed with how dramatic and abrupt the difficulty seems to jump. Cruise through stages easily while only having to rely on 1 character....then suddenly, an impregnable wall that smashes anything I throw at it...grind grind grind, smash head into wall, grind grind and grind some more...much skill training, one more 5star, Yay!...then smooth sailing again after. In my opinion, It takes too much of a dramatic increase in power to overcome. A more subtle difficulty incline would give rise to a more consistent and continuous sense of accomplishment....sorry, I swear I didn’t intend to rant. FU Abyss-5! I will beat you soon I swear!

So back on topic....How should I proceed? I’ve got my 5stars pretty good now, a good assembly line of recruits, and I’m trying to gain some better focus in what I’m working towards.
I’m thinking about 5staring Akasha next.....but, would going offense first be better? I started by spreading my skill points around, but have been focusing more on beefing up individuals....It seems to be working better this way, but I’m easily distracted.

Any input is appreciated. *”FU for WASTING my TIME” is also an acceptable response.
Thanks again!