Fight chips

by Meshi posted Mar 07, 2020
Hello forum folks, meshi here.
I've been wondering what the general consensus was on spending fight chips. They're notoriously difficult to gain and expensive to trade on the market, it seemed that the best purchase would be Geranium traces for 1000 fc. You'd probably only be able to get 10 traces a week. Or would you?
Near the bottom of the fc market you'd find 2-4 star scrolls for 1500 and 3-4 star scrolls for 10,000. After some thought, if the goal was to get Geranium, the traces would cost 32,000 fc. That's 3, 3-4star scrolls and 21, 2-4star scrolls. So it's obvious that 21, 2-4 star scrolls would yield the best hunters including nat3 hunters that can be sold for suspicious coins. Or is it?
If you ever opened a 2-4star scroll, betting that 1 out of 3 would net a nat3 hunter is still pretty rough odds. Wouldn't it be better to lose to scrolls for a guaranteed nat3 or higher hunter?
Well that's as far as i got, any routine players out there wanna weigh in and share what you spend your fc on? Im thinking 10,000 for 3-4 scroll isnt bad, but still thats a month of saving.
And as always, thanks for reading.