Suggestions to better our Metron Hunter's life

by Nazure posted May 18, 2020

Hi VS,

would be great to consider some of these ideas.


1/ Guild:

- allow members sending materials, traces, equipment upgrade, money, jewls, special coin, etc.... to others (via guild chat, like Fuel-request / Clara mailing system & Red-racoon supply-station / Audrey guild building)

  • lv99 players can better support loots to fellow member somehow
  • allow leader to send more loots to Guild-blitz participants.

- Mass-message function for guild-leader, to communicate with members - via Clara mail-box


2/ Stage-running, expenditure.

- Thanks to folks' advice, I've just managed to pass stage 470 last week. Was very difficult.

- Now I'm having more problem doing final stages, begin at 490 & onward. 

- It's really a struggle doing stage with team only include 4-members


Meanwhile, when doing Hunter-search, players can add one-more hunter to the team - from friendlist / guildie / etc.... 

  • Hunter search not really difficult, and can even using 5-members team?
  • Expenditure stages more difficult, and limited to 4-members only?

Could we have 5-members team updated sometime in future?




That's all for now. Wish to know folks' opinion on these ideas.

Ty for reading.