Lottery mouse extended fail

by URIKOsama posted Jul 28, 2020
I’ve been playing this game since 2017. Made it a huge effort to log in everyday.
Let me tell you, recently the lack of new hunters getting pulled is way lower than usual. I used to get new hunters every 20-40scrolls.. Gave you something to look forward to and work on.
Now I get an abundance of the same 3* hunters elder hunters (kain, hermes, joy, Diana, so on)
Now it’s almost about two to three months of pulls (every scroll chance, Manda pulls and traces in all) before I get a possible 4* of an older hunter. I think the last new hunter was lotto mouse or Themis. I haven’t seen anything new come out of lotto mouse. I pulled three or four of those 300 manda pulls with NOTHING! Just elder hunters! I would’ve not trust spending money on this game to have crap pulls as is. Which is disappointing since I been playing so long.
I really love this game.
Where the heck is all these newer and epic hunters?!
Is anyone else noticing this issue with really bad pulls or abundance of elder hunters and hardly any new hunters popping up?
Is this a glitch or new changes to the lotto mouse pulls?