Last questions about nat 3* hunters

by People_Allergy posted Oct 06, 2020
I'm going to stop flooding the Forums over and over and just ask all my questions right now. I don't have too many left. Also, I only need some basic recommendations for nat 3*, I'll worry about 4* later ;3

1. Is Chichi really a decent hunter to get? I already have all the other nat 3* lightning offenders, but I never thought about getting her...

2. Who should I get for bomber? Lantern, Diana, Dino, one of them! Because I only have Apollon. :'v

3. I'm planning on collecting Crocus as my next nat 3* healer. Is she a good choice or should I go for another? (Already have Therapy and Bright).

4. And FINALLY: Hermes or Heidi? Who is more worth it?