Blustone Merchandise?

by Katte posted Oct 07, 2020

Hello everyone, Katte here!

Oh boy, it's been a while, and I had a suddent lightbulb moment. Blustone is a popular game. Wouldn't it be better if it expanded outside of the game and into the real world? That's why, a few days ago (and after gathering suggestions), I requested for merchandise. I would like to see what everyone thinks! The list below is everything that was on the initial emai (the brackets are just to notify VS):



-T shirts

-Phone cases (Amino suggestion)

-Keychains (Amino suggestion)




-Body pillows (In game chat suggestion, a little risky tbh)

-Cosplay (might be very expensive)


-Stationery (very useful)



After this was sent, I realised that I forgot one of the most essential ones, being posters.

Is there any other merch you would want? What would you get? Do you think this will become a reality? Let me know!