Maybe be a tad bit more understanding my goodness

by -アレス- posted Sep 30, 2021
Imma start this off by stating the fact that historically, no matter what i put in forums, it gets at least 10 reports. So idc about anyones hate.
Moving along, I think it is important to not be blinded by hatred. While the actions taken by VS were definitely dramatic and delayed, and many players suffered accordingly, they were not without reason. Indeed, almost any player could see the event was “too good to be true,” and there (believe it or not) would definitely been some downsides to a massive increase in resources, primarily for new players (for one, it sets an unreasonably high bar for future events, and it also create a large power gap between players that joined before/after the event). Besides this, I am nearly certain VS thought about this way more then I did, and presented some justifiable reasons (not just resolving their bottom line). But, at the end of the day, we are all human. In reality, VS is likely only made up of a mild handful of people, and none of them are perfect. It is perfectly understandable to be upset by their decisions, but spewing hatred only hurts both parties. You dont have to forgive VS for their actions, but please, at least try to consider what their position is. And before anyone comments “just restore server,” we all know that cant happen for various reasons, and complaining about it isnt helping.