How can we fix the game & provide feed back to VS.

by Cpt_Phillips posted Oct 02, 2021
We all know VS can do some bone headed moves and it can be annoying and sometimes frustrating to some of us, but actively nagging and complaining isn't going to fix the issues.

I believe that if we want VS to fix the many bugs and faults in the game, we need to actively provide feed back to the developers. Yes it might not do much in the short-term, but if we start talking to them now and not in a nagging tone we could get their attention. The issue is that Forum post aren't usually the best method at sending out suggestions, since most suggestions could get lost by the clutter of other posts that get posted (just like this post will be a few days from now).

Now how do we as a community can inform VS? well its kinda simple (or complicated and frustrating for others),the use of the mighty email. Emailing VS a list of issues and suggestions can get the word out to the developers. Since some are talking about wanting new features and new things for the game and the best way to do it is to compile a list of what you want in the game and what items in the game you want fixed.

These small steps will be the foundation of how we could try to help get the community and the game back on its feet, yes I know some may say this game is beyond recovery but I (and a few other people) don't want to see such a promising game fail.

Hopefully we can try to do something to help make this game great again.

P.s. - also im not the most helpful individual so some may have better ideas that me...