[Update] Update Preview

by AIpha posted Oct 02, 2021


It is with great dissatisfaction that create understanding for visual shower
A once enjoyable game gone very stale and boring with cold bitter feelings attached.

Due to previous situation in resulting to a roll back for reason that don’t are still Baffling. Has caused a great dispute within the Confines of our community. After carefully thinking and understanding it has come to our attention that visual shower has left us high and dry. It’s already been stated that many players have poured Large quantities of time into this game and now feel cheated.

Reports stated guilds have already become empty. Players unable to Participate in blitz due to lack of Participants, Fight club has seen a Decline in activity. Other players have taking up a minimal stance of doing nothing more then dailies.

I hope some day this game can recover with fresh content and blooming player base some day. With that said button up it’s going to get real cold. I wish everybody a better game play experience and a more rewarding game.