Not at all satirical post

by -アレス- posted Jan 25, 2022
As a long time player of this game, I figured i would take some time out of my day to display my great appreciation for the recent doings in this game, and hope that my def list doesn't completely fill up in the time it takes to type this. Lets start with a list of all the things I love most about this game, like:
-Not having an update on iOS since last October (at least its less buggy)
-Farming manda from FC, but not having a banner to spend it in (also since last October, how fun!)
-Lack of really any quality events, except for one which apparently worke everyone up from retirement! (definitely not just users seeing an opportunity to spam with their many alts, no1 has those)
-My personally favorite, the combination of not having any content in the game with the fact that if you stop playing for an hour to say, sleep or have a job, you will instantly drop 300 points!
And this list wouldn’t be complete without a few special mentions:
-How were there *still* 2 expert (lvl 57 and 65) users in top 50 last week, even with jack tix spammers????
-What on earth are devs even doing with their time anyways? Surely not pushing content they announced last summer, and definitely not *fixing* bugs, so like seriously what do they even do?
As always, I would like to thank all the devs and users that helps make this list possible, I would list them all but i can’t remember who owns what accounts (there would be a lot of them if i didn’t condense the list to only drivers). Anyways, hope everyone has a nice life (I would say outside of BS, but some users *definitely* don’t have one of those), and long live VS ^.^