Bruce Bang’s Origin

by MrBlustone posted May 30, 2022
Midgard, years ago.

Vincent: “Bruce? Wake up man! We have an expedition. Lana assigned us to go explore the-“

Bruce: *plays a solo on his electric guitar* “Pipe down! I’m playing here? Listen buzz-kill. I’m the brains here. You take orders from me. You got that?”

Vincent’s face reddened: “You!”

Bruce: “Blah Blah. Man. You’re just like my sis. So annoying. You wait til I finish my song. THEN WE CAN RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!” Bruce started playing his guitar even louder and rocking out.

Lana burst into the room dancing to the heavy metal before realizing that Captain was in the room as well. Embarrassed, she began whistling and spoke in a shaky voice: “O-oh? V-Vince- you’re still here?

Vincent: “Yeah! I’m trying to get this bozo to hurry it up! Bruce! Look! Now you have Lana bombing into the room!”

Bruce: “Wait. She came here to-“

Lana blushed before punching Bruce in the face: “Ah!”
Vincent smacked his face: “Sorry about this Lana. We’re leaving now.”

Bruce: “Bruce..Bang..remember my name..”

Vincent, dragging Bruce out of the room: “Yeah yeah. Hurry up and wake from your fantasy.”