Fight bugs still :(

by -アレス- posted Jun 16, 2022
I have taken the liberty of ignoring the support tab to ask:
When will some of the balance altering fight mechanic bugs get fixed? Pretty much all of them have existed before, or from, the last major update (when hunter presets etc were added), and were reported at that time (by me personally, actually). Its been months with no progress :(
The main bugs in question would be:

-Healer bug
Opponent AI is not able to use healer skill after any team member falls, and will not check the hp of a frontline opponent before healing them (causing them to occasionally heal hunters with full health rather then save up rage)

-Backwards hunter / stun bugs
Tied these together due to relation to eachother, but in general stun is bug-prone. Most notably is if Captain is stunned he will start to attack backwards in many circumstances, although in general the mechanic is cause for may visually and mechanic buggy happenings. Clara is an especially notorious hunter for this, between her 4th and 5th she is like the ultimate bug maker.

-Invis swap bug
When hunters are initially swapped in, whether dragged in or forced via using a skill in the dorm, they will appear invisible for a second or 2, and will often not deal full/any damage in that time period. This is especially noticeable when say, using windblades skill from the dorm, which heavily relies on not just strike damage but the auto damage done while the opponent is stunned, Many times there is a significant delay before he does damage after the strike, allowing the opponent to swap out before they die.

-Swap disable bug
Not as major but still annoying, when one of your hunters is affected by swap disable they will be unable to use frontline skills from the dorm until remove harmful effects is used, even after the initial duration of swap disable expires. This is primarily annoying for manual fighters, as we loose the visual cue that swap disable has expired of the frontline skills in the dorm becoming available. This has also caused us to have to change our fighting style entirely to avoid using frontline skills from the dorm in these circumstances, and instead swapping in the hunter manually first.

-Rage bug
Sometimes, if a hunter with extremely low hp is swapped to and killed, they will not gift rage. This happens mostly with hunters like windblade because of his 5th, passive bleed. I suspect this is because the hunter “dies” from bleed in the tick before they are swapped to, and it is luck based, but ik I have already sent a video to vs at some point regarding it and showing proof of its existence.

It would be nice if some of these bugs, which ik this isnt their first time hearing of, actually got fixed eventually, as they have forced a change in play style for some to accommodate.