Season ?: Episode 1: Sunny’s Arrival

by VincentClone posted Dec 22, 2020
Episode 1:
Sunny awakens in destroyed ruins. She looks up to notice a shadowy figure.
???: You’re finally awake.
Sunny: ...
???: You’re humanity’s last hope.
Sunny: “Who are you?”
???: It doesn’t matter. Just do what I say Min.
Sunny: “Min?”
???: “That’s your name. Min Sun.”
Sunny: “...”
???: “I need to get back the frozen heart before he ruins everything again.”
Sunny: “But why do you need me?”
???: “It’s your potential. You come from a race that once ruled this planet. I’m trying to restore things back to how they once were. So I’ll be using you.”
Sunny: “And what if I refuse?”
???: “Your memories are gone. You have nowhere to return to. I am your only reason for living so do as you are told.”
The mysterious man set pointed his large blade at Sunny.
???: “Those who defy me will not be shown mercy.”
Sunny recalled a faint memory.


Sunny: “ugh! My head!”
???: “It seems like you’re remembering your tragic past.”
Sunny: “What do you know about me? Who is Juan?”
???: “...”
Sunny bursts into tears as she grabbed ???’s legs . In a short moment he kicked Sunny off of him and into one of the pillars of the abandoned ruins.
???: “You don’t deserve my sympathy. I only want obedience!”
Sunny: “Please! I’ll do anything. Just tell me!”
???: “I’ll restore your memories. But only after I get back the frozen heart.”
Sunny: “ can I trust you? I don’t even know if what you’re saying is true.”
Vincent: “My name is of little importance. I was once known as Vincent, but I’ve long abandoned that name. Whether or not you trust me means nothing. You are nothing more than a marmot. Your purpose is to die for me.
Sunny recalled another faint memory.


Sunny: Ahhhh! Why does this keep—my head! It hurts!”
Sunny fell to the ruins floor and began crying while she clawed at the rocks beneath her. Vincent smirked.
Sunny: “Make it stop! Make it stop! Make it stop!”
Vincent: “That position suits you perfectly.”
Vincent smirked as he watched Min cry in agony.
Vincent: “Didn’t you want to remember it all, the hell you suffered?”
Sunny: “The pain- it’s too much to- please! Make it stop!”
Vincent: “Your loyalty is all that I am asking. I’m a nice guy. Just give in. Be my servant and maybe I’ll stop it all. I can erase your past entirely.”
Sunny eyes widened.
Sunny (Thoughts to self): “Is it possible? This has to be a bluff. But what if he knows everything? He has to be a god. No. He’s just an ordinary guy. But how does he know so much about me? He must be a deity that came from the heavens. this world’s savior? No! But it hurts! This pain must go away! I can’t! You must obey will obey him...”
Vincent: “I’ll save you from your hell because I am a hero. I am your hero.”
At that moment, Min became clouded with delusions, going into a trance, and saw Vincent as a God.
Sunny: “How may I serve you, Master?”
Vincent let out a sinister laugh before responding.
Vincent: “YES MIN! We will change this world for the better!”