FC a bit choppy

by -アレス- posted Apr 01, 2021
I hate to complain in forums about the game but
I’ll do it anyways
After the update yesterday, FC has gotten very choppy for me. At first, only the slow background in x2 popped out, but the more fights I do the harder it seems to get. Fights I have regularly won with 20+ seconds left go down to the last second, with no change in hunters, strategies, or skill rotations. For some reason things just appear to do less damage, and fights get dragged along very easily. This frustration is atop of the fact the entire fight feels like it is running at 5 fps, the timer runs smoothly but the rage gauge lags, and every skill or swap brings a significant buffer. It feels like the fights go slower then the timer.
If any of u are also experiencing a similar thing, I would love to know so I don’t feel like the only one lol. My device specs (iOS) are more then enough for the game, and this kind of choppiness is for sure out of place. As it might be correlated to OS system, if u could confirm if this happens on other OS systems, or on different versions of iOS (etc), that would be cool ^.^
I do hope VS is able to fix any possible bugs related to FC at this time in a promptly manner, and I do hope to hear feedback on any related bug i might of missed :D