Done dropping money on the game, you should too.

by Ex0nt0s posted Sep 29, 2021
Guys, im gonna stop spending money on this game, and you should too. The packages are overpriced and they are really stingy with the rates and rewards in the game, meaning even if u bought the packages honestly you would just be wasting your money.

The company has literally taken months to fix bugs and come up with content. But the moment they have a good event and people actually gain stuff from it, they only take minutes to update and change stuff.

I think one thing some of us might have forgotten is that normally games would have very good events very often. But in blustone, a good event like this is so rare that we actually got so excited over the event. Even then, they decide to revert all accounts back to before the event, which is something I've never seen any dev do before. Shows how stingy they are.