Haha. I finally hit walls in 50+ other games - VincentClone

by MrBlustone posted May 30, 2022
I’m formerly known as VincentClone and stopped by to offer BS my nonsensical ideas since I notice that there has been no progression since I left. Now I will be annoying the devs more frequently and spamming my stories in Forums. You’re all welcome.

I noticed that the servers merged. But that’s a downgrade compared to what my idea was. It would have made sense to implement moving from a newer server to the OG whale server (Midgard) but not being able to transfer out of Midgard since it is the high ranking server with OP teams. Oh well. Hopefully this allows Blustone to move in a more positive direction since everyone is together now. Lmao. Server merge sucks for the weak. Still, I hope everyone gets those desired units maxed. XD No I don’t actually play. I just wanted to bother forums today.