by papapou posted Jan 12, 2021
10jan2021, 1069 daily sign in,i finaly reatched guru3!
100% free to play
Be patiend everyone,its possible to do this titan task!!
I must tanks everyone that have helped me to finish it sooner then expected!!
A wave of solidarity have recently boosted me to the final goal!

Reatching guru3 f2p is:
320points by week = all daily task done+ daily sign in
67 520÷320=211week× 7=1477 daily sign in wit full daily task done
This is minimun requirement for someone doing evrything and never get vet tix from other player

I have saved 408days from vet tix,its about 373 vet tix .
You want to lower time need,make friends while you play the game,trade your vet ticket