Health bar moved in battle

by awesome8679 posted Jan 16, 2021
So in the last update, as some of you might of seen, the health bar of the currently deployed hunters was moved to below the hunter rather then above it. Now, for beginning players that stalk their own hunters health and skills this may be convenient as all of your own health bars are technically closer. But for some, it makes it a bit more difficult to actually monitor ur frontlines health, which is very important. This is because after 2 years I have quite the muscle memory for skills and don’t swap that often, and even when I do I don’t have to look at the hunters for such. Instead I stare down the top bar, which contains the enemy hunter list and the health of each hunter. Seriously I don’t even see who is deployed by looking at who my frontline is fighting, but instead looking at who is selected on the top bar. The change of health bar position of course set it much further from the top bar, making it much more difficult to check the frontlines health and leading to an increased probability of me accidentally losing my frontline in combat because I misjudged damage and didn’t realize how urgently I needed to heal or swap, etc. I would suggest giving plates the option of where to put the health bar, possibly in settings.
Thanks for hearing me out, and long live VS ^,,^