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Nishino's City Discord Community Server   [29]

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    Hello everybody, BreadoSan here!

    Discord link here:


    The reasons of why joining is a good idea:
    - PRETTY consistent ruin location system for all your needs. 24/7 [ WE HAVE CURRENTLY TRACKED 1000+ FRIENDLY RUINS SINCE GULLVEIG'S EVENT ;) ]
    - Really healthy worldwide growing family (200+ members, 20+ online at any moment), will make you feel appreciated from the moment you join :)
    - Good place to chill into if the Servers are on a maintenance/unstable state. There is also loads of commands to play around with!
    - We will be willing to teach you how to spend your resources and money wisely.
    - Very experienced people that have participated in the top 1-50 Fight Club ranks to ask advice for, no matter if you are a beginner, or a veteran!
    - Server members are quite learner friendly. The role system is set to properly advice people on their game progress.
    - Experienced administrators that do their best to contribute to the stability of the game, and that are open to feedback.
    - If you are looking for somewhere to belong (pun intended), this might be your ideal one.

    - Currently has the largest, kindest active community in-game. Has managed to unite members from the four main language servers.
    - Has people that have taken every single Top Fight Club Rank at least once (From 1 to 10, at least once)
    - Most approved, experienced and knowledgeable leadership in the game.
    - Holds the most organised team for scouting ruins in-game. You will even hate cooldown for having so many to use!
    - Counts with the largest range of T2-T3 Hunters offers for all your excavations needs. From Hermes, to Patrone, to Vincent.

    Feel free to tag along!
    We're a pretty friendly bunch. Quality assured. ;)
    Current owner: Nishino aka Jill-Stingray (this season top 1 rank player in arena).

    No downloads are needed, you can simply use the online client version for it and make an account to join.
    Please abide by the server rules and everything will be just cool!
    * The role assignation will take up to 10 minutes depending on the Administrator available. (Might be delayed during sleep times). If you need permissions, message @Nishino (Nishino#0745) or any of the High Council/Council(s).

    We come in peace and we spread love to the community.
    Come and join us now!
    • BlackGeneral 2018.03.18 22:17
      Pugnation is better....
    • UrielSR 2018.03.19 01:49 Files첨부 (1)

      why do you say so? i would appreciate to ear your reasons...please join a comunity b4 saying what u think about it




    • Kirudra 2018.03.19 01:38
      I prefer Pug Nation. From just lurking and seeing Nishino's arrogant comnents, and seeing how banhappy he is, I'd rather be in the more friendly community.
      Left after he said, "Is it bad that I see everyone above rank 10 as trash?"
    • Jill-Stingray 2018.03.19 04:10
      You can prefer whatever you want. You never interacted with the server anyways, so who am I to judge your actions. You are free to do so. I don't think I even got to know who you actually were, so sorry for that XD
    • UrielSR 2018.03.19 01:44

      i dont know the exact reasons of the previous bans but ive been in nishinos since the beginning and havent had any issue, and there are more than 100 players that havent neither. maybe nishino is a bit messy/haughty but he always have reasons to do what he does.

      but you can judge him by his comments and bans without knowing both sides part of course.

    • Kirudra 2018.03.19 02:47
      Words are cheap. He can spend as much time as he wants explaining his rationale, but it won't change his previous actions. A truly good leader would act not with haste, but with patience. He would openly convey the reasons behind a ban prior to it, and try to come to an understanding before cutting that person out. The fact of the matter is that he is full of himself and looks down on others.
    • UrielSR 2018.03.19 04:01

      really? have you ever managed to maintain a comunity with a lot of pple on it (lets say more than 50)? you cant wait to ear everyone's opinions and complains, and sometimes you make decisions.

      i dont know if your version of nishino is the right one, but i wouldnt say those things without knowing both pàrts story, and i havent had any issue so far...


      EDIT: i think what i wrote might sound bad, but ive been thinking on it this way: what would you do if the pple that you put in charge start making sudden changes in a community u have created? and if they begin to tell users to go to another one? i dont know whats the right answer, but wouldnt you act if u see this?

    • Kirudra 2018.03.19 10:35
      @UrielSR, Yes, I have. Co-leaded a guild in WoW during WotLK. Participated in the core progression group, and led a second group. I'll admit, it was hard. Drama between guildmates was messy, and hard decisions needed to be made. We would only ever act impulsively if the offense was great and the reason was obvious. However, the issue with the people in Pug Nation is with the leader. Everyone seems to have an issue with him. The common factor is Nishino.
    • Jill-Stingray 2018.03.19 04:02
      Those are quite some sentences coming from someone who never spoke and that did not interact with members of the server. It's quite easy to criticize a leader, but how about you also become one yourself? Not so easy to interact and get to meet and treat all of the members as you thought it would be right' Eh? It's so easy to make up for your excuses, yet you never get to be on my shoes. You think it's easy to keep the order in all the main communities, but it is not. Maybe if you put some more effort you would bring up better results in your overall gaming.
    • AzuraLight 2018.03.19 06:16

      As someone that was never involved in any of this stuff I can say this comment makes me really understand how little you actually understand the world around you. You talk about being a leader like it's something exclusive to a few. Many players are leaders in real life, where things actually matter. Many have been in your shoes, many don't act like a child when dealing with something like this. I can't speak for all but I'm here for fun, to interact in a community that for all purposes is pretty good. You have just sat here attacking people in the thread for having opinions. Who cares if someone chooses another server over yours? What if someone never joins any? I have never interacted with you at all and to be very honest I never want too.


      Edit: this was directed at Jill-Stingray

    • UrielSR 2018.03.19 06:24

      i dont care what others choose, but i do care about what pple say about my server. sure users can choose whatever they want, but i dont like the server whre i am and where i do keep a friendly relationship with everyone to be dishonored. mostly because its not such a bad place.


      edit: sorry i misunderstanded you then Azurelight, i thought u were talking about my first comment. i think we all can say whatever we want on this forum, and i thought u were replying to me.

    • AzuraLight 2018.03.19 06:29
      This along with other comments have not been at the people in the server but the leader of said server. Maybe you are the leader and I missed that. But my beef is with how Jill has acted on this thread not anywhere else. His/her comments on here just show a lack of understanding
    • UrielSR 2018.03.19 06:36
      gotcha, sorry i may have misheveled a bit. still i dont understand why theres so much hate, i may have been in a different server then.
    • Jill-Stingray 2018.03.19 06:38
      "As someone that was never involved in any of this stuff"... poor you... Don't worry, I am not interested on interacting with you either.
    • Kirudra 2018.03.19 10:46
      @jill, Wow. If this doesn't show your close-mindedness and arrogance, then I don't know what does. You make assumptions that I have never been a leader. You act like you're the only one who ever has, and that you're doing the best you can. You put yourself above me simply because I haven't put as much time or money into this game as you. You never even tried to know me, so don't act like you do.
    • letoll 2018.03.19 02:28
      There were a lot of people from beggining and guess where they are now? Pugnation ftw, if you dont want to stand the dictator Nishino.
    • Enamel 2018.03.19 02:33
      um .. sorry before @uriel , but the ban when it is just an misunderstanding is ridiculous.. n the arrogance is more higher than before .. that 'server achievements' is not really like that now in terms of kindness tho
    • UrielSR 2018.03.19 04:04

      hmm sorry enamel but it may not have been a misunderstanding. i know what happened with you and that was a missundestanding so i get it, u are right to claim, but what happened b4 that its not so clear. the arrogance is there, thats true, but i think you may not know why. however, its just my point of view, and i currently am on this server, so i would understand if u dont take me seriously

    • Jill-Stingray 2018.03.19 03:31
      Have I interfered on your recruiting topic? No right? How about you mind your own business? Anyways, last polite request for it. Afterwards, I will request moderators to delete all of your replies, as name shaming and interfering on topics is not allowed. I did not want to comment anything about your leaders changing my server's name, fillling the channels with r34, modifying the channel's logo and modifying/assigning ranks without my permission. You guys think I acted recklessly, but very in the inside, I was disappointed of your behaviors, and was planning to change my officials and standards in case you turned against me, which proved to be true. You can do whatever, I do not have time to bother with your little place, but I will request moderators to delete all of your spam and foolish comments. Thanks.
    • letoll 2018.03.19 05:05
      Who do you think you are? Its open forum and we can have our opinions. Its not your discord where you ban randomly people if their point of view is not the same as yours. Keep your dictatorship there and don't spread it here.
    • Jill-Stingray 2018.03.19 05:10
      Says the guy who messes with other families and jokes/flames about them...yeah...sure...
    • UrielSR 2018.03.19 05:26
      its open forum but i cant answer to the salty comments? im on the comunity thats been criticised and i dont feel the same way than you, should then i do shut up?
    • letoll 2018.03.19 05:59
      If you read comments above, no one except Nishino said that you can't answer, So ask from him. And yeah "your mom" joke is really messing with others families :D. Grow up guys and learn how to cope with life and other people opinions :)
    • Jill-Stingray 2018.03.19 06:13
      No thanks. I won't take advice from someone like you. Good bye.
    • Kaly-Senpai 2018.03.19 03:53
      I've been waiting for this salt to storm up!! :p not picking sides but here for the drama feed
    • 하피21 2018.03.19 06:53
    • 啵啵糖 2018.03.19 08:34
      I just joined, but after I say hi in general. Chat and I unable to see the group again. M I got kicked out?
    • Jill-Stingray 2018.03.19 08:37
      Hello, we are currently trying to protect the users from lately unwanted guests. Sorry if you were implied on it.
    • Matsu-8 2018.03.20 00:47

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