Base units aren't necessarily trash

by Jakestar12231 posted Jul 06, 2019
I recently saw a comment on one of the character pages stating that "all base 1 star and base 2 star characters are trash and are only useful for using as food". I disagree.

The main problem with the lower base star units is that they have multiple glaring weaknesses. You can try to build a team of them, leveling and advancing them, but there will still be a few weak gaps.

Higher base star units are usually better rounded, with fewer glaring weaknesses, and more subtle deficits. A team full of 4 base star units will be much better able to compensate for one another, so one unit, who perfectly fits a glaring weakness cannot just come in and blow away the whole team.

The best solution, if you want to use a low base star unit, is to use them to fill one of the gaps that isn't covered by your other higher base star units, while making sure that the biggest of their deficits is still covered for. The more low base star units you keep adding to your main team, the less useful they all will start to become, having to compensate for one another, and not be able to serve a direct role (uber wall, healer, dps, etc.) since you have to keep sacrificing their hp to use them to cover for the others.

Then again, this is all just my opinion, so feel free to disagree. Thank you.