Farming a 4* from the Fight Club

by Charliotte posted Jul 09, 2019

I did some cheap quick math earlier to see how many Fight Chips, estimate Fights and Time you need to get a T3 Geranium or Teresa from scratch. Please considerate that this is just a rough estimate, this may not be consistent due to certain events detailed below.


You need 160 traces per copy, and you need 7 copies to max transcendence.

160 x 7 = 1120 total traces


Each time the shop is renewed, 5 traces of either hunter is guaranteed.


1,120 total traces / 5 purchasable traces = 224 Times you have to buy traces.


Each purchase costs 1,000 Chips


224 x 1,000 = 224,000 Chips


Each 6 victories at Mandarin Tier gives you 200 Fight Chips (so you need 30 successful fights for 1000 chips)


30 victories (1,000 chips) x 224 purchases (224,000 Chips) = at least 6,720 tickets spent


You need "at least" 6720 victories on the last tier. Could vary depending on your loses/weekly rewards for fight chips/if you actually manage to get beyond Mandarin Tier, as the previous ones give less Fight Chips rewards (but still contribute to the amount of Chips needed).


Can't give an exact time of how much time you will take to collect everything due to everyone having a different rhythm and taste for Fight Club. Some will do it more often than others, others are restricted to Ticket regeneration, other people stock them in huge amounts... (But if you did at least 120 victories after Mandarin to guarantee the 4 daily purchases (4,000 chips), you could achieve it in exactly 56 days -> 6,720 / 120 = 56... Definitely out of the common user reach to get this daily goal done, plus people do get tired...)


When it comes to amounts of store purchases...


You can purchase 4 times a day (once every 6 hours), every time getting 5 traces.


224 purchases / 4 daily purchases = 56 days worth of at least waiting.


At least 56 days from letting stores recharge, assuming you pick all 4 every day.


All this had been done without considering external factors that could alter the amount of Fight Chips or Traces you could receive (New events that reward these traces, finding the traces in Mirage Shop, obtaining them from Trace hunting on the lottery mouse, resetting Fight Club Shop or even pulling copies of these units by luck, or the 10 traces guaranteed through Mouse events if there's one).


Just wanted to satisfy a curiosity I had about this topic. This is just a basic approach, as I previously stated, you can try to do your own calculations and check if there's anything I could have missed.

You also do not have to necessarily spend all your chips on these hunters, maybe they will some day replace them for another 4* that is more of your utility!


Have a nice time, good luck if you choose to pursuit any of these units!