Just a Spin-off Idea

by MrBlustone posted Jul 13, 2019
I was assigned this report about how life was in Midgard. I wasn't so curious until I discovered that my great grandfather was apart of its war. He always talks about this weird frozen liquid called snow. He says that it used to be common. But not once throughout my life has there ever been this "snow" thing to exist. But I guess there are some drawings. Still, if it was so common, why are there no actual photos? Well, apparently, smart phones and digital cameras weren't a thing yet. I guess it rains, but still, what does snow actually look like? It seems so fictional.

My grandfather told me that the Midgard we live in now wasn't like it is now. Pools didn't exist. And get this, sapiens were nearly extinct. Like who would believe that? He even claims to have been a captain of this team made up of fictional beings like wolf people and bear girls. It has me wondering why he is considered a world hero not a mental case. I wish I could live off of government checks for being crazy. But that's how life works. Some things just can't be explained.

Aside from that wacko's imagination, there are a few things that he told me that seem cool. First of all, did you know that Midgard was once just some small land surrounded by glaciers? He promises that a lot of unique individuals like the famous ranger, Lantern lived here. Come to find out, he and Lantern were great friends. Now this is when my fangirl mentality took over. Because I'm a die-hard fan of his. But I'll save that for another time. I'm tired of doing this report. Good thing this is just a rough draft. Ok this is all off topic.

Around the time of the war, there were an army of programmed bots that invaded Midgard. 4 individuals led this group of bots to terrorize and murder civilians. One of these individuals were known as the notorious Vincent. He was said to have rivaled my great grandfather's might and skill. But my grandfather says the textbooks have everything recorded wrong. He claims that Vincent wasn't responsible for the war but an effect of his old allies turning against him. Whatever the reason is, it's all unclear. But this is all I have for now. Oh. I left out my name again. I'd better revise this later.