by MrBlustone posted Jul 21, 2019


Vincent looked up to see an unfamiliar shadow in the mist of the blizzard.

Vincent: "Who dares to bother me this time?"


Vincent tossed Denali's unconscious body in a ditch nearby.
Vincent: "Again!? When will you people learn?"

A shockwave from the direction of the shadowy figure blew away the blizzard and cleared the entire area.

Vincent: "Oh it's you, Sylvester. Aren't I a little too old to be seeing my pretending to be Santa?"
Vincent smirked while looking on without care.

Sylvester: "Oh ho ho! I am here to deliver a beating to one naughty kid. Well I think it's about time I showed you my true strength, nephew."

Sylvester, wearing a Santa-like outfit, let out a yell that echoed and caused the ground to shake. Vincent flinched and jumped back.

Vincent: "Since when have you been this powerful? I don't remember you ever being useful back when we were on the same team."

Sylvester: "You just never played attention. How do you think we survived the volcanic abyss after you and the others fainted?"

Vincent: "..."

Sylvester rushed down Vincent, pinning him to the ground.

Sylvester: "I'd hate to harm family, but this is an emergency. I need not your meddling in my affairs. You and that rabbit are in the way." *sigh* "And here I thought I'd find waifu Akasha with you. You're useless nephew."

Sylvester 1HKO-ed Vincent then disappeared into the newly formed blizzard, leaving Denali behind. Sylvester arrived in the tropical ruins and saw what seemed to be a younger him being caressed by Akasha.

Sylvester: "W-WAIFU W-WHY!? Who is this? I-I AM NOT THE FATHER!"