Hunters help

by Seehyon posted Jul 23, 2019

Hey o/


So I just started playing and I have no idea what hunters I should focus on.
I tried to research but the more I read the more confused I get ahah..


Currently I have:

» 3* - Karl, Chichi, Kain, Juno, Nene, Athena, Dino, Gullveig, Crocus, Joy, Hermes, Lantern, Therapy.

» 2* - Mowgli, Scar, Rebecca, Gerard, Riko, Teddy Bomber, Levi, Acerola, Denali

» 1* - Balian, Sylvester, Lapis, Captain, Robin, Hecate, Locke, Metis, Sienna, Bruce, Tyltyl.


I would apreciate if  u guys could help me! Thanks ^-^