VS gods and their continued torture of my soul...

by Rawvek posted Jul 24, 2019
Been playing Blustone for a little over a year and a half now and the VS gods have blessed me with ONE natural 4* hunter in that time. Geranium. I also have Vincent, but I dont give them credit for him because I basically paid them for the privilege of getting him at Guru 3.

They had another laugh at me today as well. I popped a montage off one 30 manda roll, POP! I saw green! OMG ITS TWINS! Oh wait. Its the twins cheerleader skin.....that I cant even use....because I've yet to pull them. 5 more traces until I can pick up Harley. I guess I'll just very slowly continue to collect the most useless Nat 4's while continuing to witness brand new players pull Lily&Lyla, Windblade, Erise, and the other god tier hunters. (My 6 year old niece has all three....never even plays.)

I had to let this rant spill out onto the forums or I was going to explode. GodSpeed to all my brothers and sisters out there that are in the struggle with me.