The VS gods are with us, boys and girls....

by Rawvek posted Aug 01, 2019

The VS gods looketh at the spread of chaos at the hands of the RNG gods, and they hath decideth to step in to maketh change!


"NO MORE!", sayeth the VS gods. "No more shall I gaze upon the world of Blustone to see but a child of level 11, wielding a team of hunters that somehow consist of three Legendary Hunters of the Natural 4! While my more loyal brethern,  who playeth for years, unveils his team, only to be laughed at because he wields NO Legendary Hunters of the Natural 4!


These times are behind us my loyal bretheren! Continue logging into the world of Blustone as you do every single sunrise, and taketh hold of a new scroll, materialized into existence by a powerful force of love and respect. The respect of the VS gods themselves! Take note on this 28th day....You will finally reach out and touch what you have so long been dreaming about....godspeed bretheren."


EDIT: Lmao....Someone reported this post? Weird culture we have here I suppose.