I didn't understand why...

by TrojanWolf posted Aug 01, 2019
I don't know what's up with you guys, but i think it's a risky move from Vs, why did they suddenly gave 4⭐️ selection? Aren't those just gonna make them lose some of their profits? With that given every months (maybe, i don't know) people will just gonna clinging their game into 4⭐️ only, leading to 3⭐️ Extinction, i'm scared this game will....i don't know, Sink faster than i (we) thought, and maybe it's a sign for Natural 5⭐️ (¬_¬)

I'm not Ungrateful, every action comes with results, i just want to play this game with my luck, now i think i don't need it (for now).

Please tell me your opinion about this 4⭐️ Selection