Bug or not bug?

by Graf posted Aug 13, 2019
Hello everyone.
I have a question. This morning I received an update of BS. And I encountered a strange thing happening in FC and mirage. Enemy's bombers and healers can use their active skills while being upfront.
I mean I was fighting someone's Diana in fc and imagine my surprise, when my Beck is literally punching Diana, it's 15 seconds left, and somehow miraculously second Diana appears and kills my poor chicken with one shot. I was like w t f.
And then I encountered it again in mirage. Stage 230. I wiped enemy's team exept Crocus. So only Crocus left on the team, and again somehow miraculously SECOND Crocus appears and heals himself. Soooooo
I guess the question is, has anyone else experienced that today? Or maybe I just missed something and it's all good according to the last update changes? Will be glad to hear ur thoughts on this. Cheers.
Ps. My connection is very weak lately, can't even log in into ingame chat. So for now the best way to contact me in game is to send a mail or reply in this post. Thanks