It's enough of this issue with the general chats

by Kinomoto posted Aug 20, 2019

Ever felt that one of the biggest reasons people cannot and won't feel like using the general chats is not because of it's malfunctioning but instead, due to the random lurkers that take joy into reporting the people who want to talk?


Yeah, that's the main reason why people are scared or not motivated to participate. One of the concerning motives as to why so many people stopped hanging around or moving on to other chatting methods.


There is no reason to have the general chat if we cannot see who is online. The anonimity is actually something that should not be allowed either, especially considering that no matter how innocent or objective your talk seems to be, there will be always someone reading who will feel offended by what someone says.


So basically, even if you do a merging between the Midgard and Alfheimr chats, nothing has been achieved, because the death cycle will repeat as long as there are users reporting those who were willing to speak.


Until this issue is fixed, private Line/Discord/Kakao chat groups will prevail over using the game chat. There is no need to risk getting suspended or banned for using a feature that has little to no reward for doing so.


Why do I bring this topic up? Well, because recently a good amount of people have received warnings without any explanation from Natara. Some won't really bother to ask, but for those whos sole purpose was to spark up the game a bit, this seems rather punishing and unfair.


Sorry to those players who have presented this issue in the past.